2nd Annual International ConferenceSubmission of Absracts

Abstract of about 250 words addressing any of the sub-themes should be sent to any of the following e-mail addresses on or before 15th of April, 2019.

1. Olanrewajup@babcock.edu.ng/ dejiolanrewaju2@yahoo.com
2. jamesjogas@yahoo.com
3. ogboii@yahoo.com

Authors of accepted abstracts are expected to submit the full paper(s) of not more than 15 pages by 15th June 2019.

All manuscript(s) must be typed in Times New Roman font size 12, double.

Spacing with a margin of 2.5cm throughout on A4 paper.

You can send us a message here

    APBE Objectives

    The main purpose of this association is to promote the objectives of CIBN. The APBE will attempt to achieve this by providing rigorous 

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