The idea to form the association was put together in 2013 by members of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) in the education sector during the Annual General Meeting of the Institute.


The main purpose of this association is to promote the objectives of the CIBN.

The APBE will attempt to achieve this by providing rigorous academic support for all the activities of the Institute particularly through those of Capacity Building and Certification Directorate. This is important today and even more important tomorrow because no profession, industry or society can survive, develop and thrive, without rigorous academic thinking, debates and discussions.

APBE Specific Objectives

  1. To promote broadly and notably the objectives and core values of the Institute
  2. To provide rigorous academic and intellectual input and support for all the activities of the institute, particularly through the work of the Capacity Building and Certification Committee (CBCC) and all the Units engaged in research and publication activities in the Institute.
  3. To promote and provide a platform for networking amongst its members to enhance their academic/intellectual growth and development and consequently lift the image of the institute.
  4. To organize conferences, workshops, seminars, and similar fora to provoke critical thinking, problem-solving, skills development, and creativity among members and contribute to professional banking practice and knowledge in Nigeria, Africa and worldwide through the publication of an academic journal.
  5. To foster an institutional and instructional environment within the Institute where the free exchange of ideas is prized
  6. To promote the maintenance of the highest level of the norms, ethics, and tradition of scholarship in research and publication.
  7. To promote and project the highest standards of banking professional competence, practice and behavior

Recent Conference/Workshop

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APBE benefits to members

APBE is an intellectual platform to develop banking and finance scholars through researches, conferences, training, workshops, and publications.

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